Class:1st grade


Lesson :4





  A.  Continue to practise reading .

  B.  Revise alphabetical order and introduce the Word Study.

  C.  Check reading comprehension .

  D.  Begin the workbook exercise .


Some cards .



A. (15m)



B. (15m)











C. (10m)











D. (05m)

   ·   Open PB/5  ..read the passage ... ask S to complete reading the sentences ...



   ·   Turn to the next page  ..Say : This is the Word Study page : some new words and their meanings in alphabetical order ...

   ·   Show S the cards of  the English Alphabet ... S repeat them ...

   ·   Show them the cards ( or write ) of the new words ....: Various: different, more than one. , Own :word that shows that something belongs to a person or thing or a special part of something . This is my own book.  , Interested in: want to know more about something . ,Customs: What a group of people usually do . It is a Saudi custom to eat Kabsa ...., ask S to put these words in order ...

   ·   Read the words and their definitions aloud   ... S answer the Q’s there ...



   ·   Ask  are these sentences True or False :

   1.   Ahmad Al-Ali is 28 years old and Saudi .F/29

   2.   He comes from Makkah .F/ Jeddah

   3.   He went to Umm Al Qura University .T

   4.   He studied English in America . F/TV an radio

   5.   He has worked for Saudi  TV and radio.T

   6.   He is soon going to have his own programme. T

   7.   He is interested in people , Saudi customs and swimming .T




   ·   Open PB/7.. answer ex.A.
















Complete PB/7